Chief of Business Unit: Mauro Mozzato

My biggest responsibility is to make sure that my team has all the tools and the perfect environment to perform at its best. My role is to serve my team members, facilitating and if possible improving their quality of life while at work. I am absolutely certain that if I take care of my team, my team will take care of our customers.

All growth initiatives start with personal change. Our biggest initiative is to feed individual curiosity that that leads to new ideas; to encourage personal culture and technological enhancement that facilitate solutions, and ultimately encourage positive and proactive criticism that creates new opportunities.

My dream is to see a management team that is self-engineered and capable to work without a leader. My hope is to train a group of people who are ready to become leaders if their individual skills are required by the company or circumstances: soldiers that can become generals and return to being soldiers as required.

My personal measure of success cannot be counted because it is not a number! Success in my world is measured by the pride of declaring the name of the company I’m working for and not the title or the salary earned; by the energy that flows in my veins every morning while thinking of another day of work and not the headache of being in an office for hours; by the satisfaction of a job well done and the big smile on the customer’s face even if my name is not mentioned. In a few years this will be J.S.S. Steelitalia, and my success will ensure that it will not remain a dream.

Mauro Mozzato


Head of Operations: Ravinder Pal Singh

The rule of thumb to Success has always been that the "Early bird gets the worm". Based on this very principle, J.S.S. Steelitalia Ltd. is the front-runner company among various Tube manufacturing Industries, I have had the pleasure of serving with.

On board as Head of Operations, I bear the responsibility of steering the company towards achieving its objectives.

I have the zeal to reach the pinnacle of growth and success based on efficiency in operations, reliability from our customers and trust in discovery and development.

The seeds of thoughtfulness have born rich fruits. J.S.S. Steelitalia Limited endeavors to be the world-leader in stainless steel high quality applications by adopting the latest technology, fostering and enriching skills, capabilities and efficient ways of transforming Stainless Steel Coils of various grades into products.

The journey towards excellence is inspired by what J.S.S. Steelitalia Ltd. has always persisted towards - "Deliver superior value for all those who depend on us, work with us and invest in us."

"Winners don't do different things they just do things differently" ; with this in mind, I am determined to keep moving forward towards the target of becoming the number one Company on the Globe for the Stainless Steel applications business.

Ravinder Pal Singh


General Manager of Sales & Marketing: Vivek Garg

While having the span of 23 years of professional experience, working with J.S.S. Steelitalia since 2014 is still a unique experience for me to this day.

Our company does not aim to increase only the market share but is proactive in providing Technical Support and Project Development as well as present Root Cause analysis studies to our customers.

Employees are considered valuable assets and J.S.S.SL is continuously putting tremendous effort towards nourishing our working environment. We also take matchless initiative towards CSR activities.

I find J.S.S. SL is the “Right place for the Right People.”

Vivek Garg